Pit Type WeighBridge



General Introduction :

This type of weighbridge is most suitable for places with limited space e.g. non-hilly areas where the construction of pit is not a costly affair. Since the platform is in level with the ground, vehicles can approach the weighbridge from any direction. Most public weighbridges prefer this design.

Benefits :

  • Lesser Space Required (As it has no ramps)
  • Rickshaws & Tractor Trolleys can also be weighed as platform is in flush with ground Level.
  • No Ramp require for truck movement because it is installed in land surface level
  • Costly Foundation

Robust Load Cells and Digitizers :

Cost More expensive due to additional construction work required
Service & Scale Repairs In some cases, more costly due to confined area restrictions
Clean Out Done manually and very time consuming
Scale Ispection Must be performed from inside the Pit
Restrictions Or Hazaeds Some states require specified clearances underneath scale.Must also deal with OSHA and confined space hazards
Approaches 10’ Flat and level
Ramps None
Electricity Needed Must have electricity for pit lights and sump pump if no gravity drain is present
Pit Type WeighBridge


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