Single Point Table Top Load Cell


Model : 10710
Capacity : 0-3Kgf to 0-60Kgf
Load Direction : Compression only
Type : Single Point Table Top Load Cell,Off Center Table Top Load Cell ,Bending Beam Table Top Load Cell

  • Weighing
  • Batch Weigh
  • Bagging Machineries
  • Bag Weighing Machine
  • Bench Scale
  • Check Weighing
  • Counting Scale
  • Postal Scale
  • Small Bagging Machines
  • Table Top Weigh Scale
Description : This is single point off center load cell for 300 X 300 mm platter.
It is strain gage based load cell with full temperature compensation over 0-60 Deg.C.
It is protected for moisture ingress by IP 65 class.
Features : This cell is constructed from aluminium alloy for light weight and low profile scales.
It is very much siuted for table top,bench,counting and postal scales.
Single Point Table Top Load Cell


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