Crane Weighing Scale


Main Technical data:

Display 30mm (1.2”) 5 Digit LED
Unit Kg. or Pounds selectable
Resolution 2000 to 3000 division
Zero Range 4% F.S
Tare Range 100% F.S
Overload Indication 100% F.S. +9e
Max. Safety Load 125% F.S.
Ultimate Load 400% F.S.
Battery Type Fully sealed Lead-Acid
Battery Size 6V/4.5Ah
Battery Life ????50 hours
Adapter DC 9V/1000mA
Operating Temperature -20°C ?? +50°C
Remote Controller Distance Max. 15 meters
Battery of Remote Controller AAA battery 1.5Vx2














Enclosure : NEMA 12/IP54 powder coated Foundry Cast Aluminium

Multi-Function Operation : Tare, Zero, Auto Zero Tracking, Total hold, verload warning and Record, operated rough infrared remote controller


Model Capacity Resolution Weight
STI-CR 2000kg 1kg 12kg
STI-CR 3000kg 1kg 13kg
STI-CR 5000kg 2kg 19kg
STI-CR 10000kg 5kg 29kg
STI-CR 15000kg 5kg 57kg
STI-CR 20000kg 10kg 63kg
Crane Weighing Scale


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